- Learn to explain yours and people’s ways to yourself. Learn to understand patterns of the human condition. Practice of knowing your system and system you live in creates oppotunity to tune it. Nothing will ever hurt you again, You Will fact check yourself by practicing to learn to realize that you are so compleet and perfectly mached into existance.  You are the One, forever Here, forever Light, forever Now, and so amazingly Beautiful. 

- You act how you choose to act, not how circumstances make you react

- To be able to let go of something, we must let go of ourselves and our existance. Letting go of something external does not hurt, what hurt is letting go of our internal pattern towards that something external.

- If your goal is to experience Peace and Divinity, you need to Stop, Sit still and learn to feel Silence in everything. 

- We get sick when we dont live in feeling good vibe. We often put that what feels good on a background, in order to survive while focussed on circumstances. If we dont do what we really like we dime the power motor in our body systems and we accept diying process to start.

- On the edge of two worlds, on the edge of life and death, love and hate, fear and gratitude,  On the edge where we meet a completely egoless layer- space of ourselfs and realize our gentle kind. The silence of that moment is the source of learning how to see, how to love, how to allow, how to go light and dark, how to soften and value our strength. On edge of that moment we learn to feel blissful awareness towards everything and everyone.  When we realize that pause between inhalation and exhalation Is a moment that teaches us how to chose to love and reflect in everybody, always.

The definition of the Wise can only be found in Heart.

- What you see it sees you back

- Observation of yourself is learning how to BE yourSelf. Always lead by Art of Awareness, Acceptance, Drive and Progress - towards peace in yourself.  Learning to be silent, is to listen and hear all that can help you grow towards your purest Light. Learning to TRUST that you can always find answers in yourself. Learning to DEFINE words like LOVE and HAPPINESS but Never to define yourself! Being you is Hard Work, Honesty, Kindness and Togetherness. Seeing you is Loving your Life and Living IT in your fullest potential.

- Everything is perfect, what ever we meet in life. Everything that we come across, helps us Evolve.

- There is a difference between feelings and emotions. A feeling is an experience that come from your soul and an emotion is experience made by your thoughts.

- Take time to experience things, watch, feel, listen, save memories, breathe, love and take good care of yourself. 

- Everything that has passed is already history, look at it and let it go! See greatness in and around yourself, focus only on things, people and events that bring you good, make you do good and help you develop to purest version of yourself. 

- If you want to know what makes you happy you gotta stop being busy with everything else, be quiet for a while and ask yourself that same mother loving question!

- Dont worry warrior, things that happend are just things that happend at some point. They are not essence of who you are, let it pass, let it go! Letting go is understanding that events that took place are lessons of physics. Letting go is a reaction to disbalance or separation.  

- Love and happiness are personal vibrational experiences in you. We call it butterflies. They don't come from outside of you, nobody put it there and made you feel it inside. You created it yourSelf... by projecting and keeping your focus towards something or someone that you reflect on. 

Hate or un-hapiness, are also personal vibrational experiences in you. We call it belly kramps. They don't come from outside of you, nobody put it there and made you feel it inside. You created it yourSelf... by projecting and keeping your focus towards something or someone that you reflect on.

- Have loving thoughts, loving words and loving intentions, always. Thoughts are creating the reality, Words are mirroring the awareness, Intentions are steps of your being.